Best ERP Software With Auto-Auditing System

A  powerful cloud based ERP software with auto-auditing system to manage your core business

What is Shan’s Business Solution

Shan’s Business Solution is a cloud based auto- auditing Enterprises resources planing software that allows organizations to smoothly integrate disparate teams, functions and systems. Its a simple yet powerful tool that keep track of your daily business activities of world-wide business activities in one country where you get low resources. Its another concern is employee software application which enables employees to work without any training and and also enables customer to book products directly from the company.


Enable new functionality to be adopted quickly with confidence

  • ERP connected Auditing system.
  • User friendly platform to share your knowledge and information directly to customers.
  • An Application which makes you a professional salesman without any experience.
  • Auto auditing and E-filing is as simple as any chat room and instant messaging Applications.
  • Basic Smartphone knowledge.
  • 100% Theft protected solution.
  • World’s No:1 Auto Auditing software Application at affordable price.

SHANSAPP Enterprise Support was instrumental in empowering and guiding us on the journey to SHANSAPP. We had 71% of our inquiries answered in real-time by using the Next-Generation Support approach. Thanks to the advisory team, value maps, and off-site services, going live with SAP S/4HANA was smooth and on track with our tight schedule.

Powering industry transformation

SAP S/4HANA Cloud can help you establish consistent leadership for the top line, bottom line, and green line – with a complete cloud ERP system.

Seize opportunities

Benefits your top line

Consistently grow with new digital business models and fully automated processes.

Master each moment

Benefits your bottom line

Consistently outperform with instant intelligence and actionable insights..

Define the new standard

Benefits your green line

Consistently elevate sustainability standards with industry best practices.Consistently elevate sustainability standards with industry best practices.


Evolve your business the way that works best for you, with everything you need on your guided journey to transformation. Build your powerfull enterprise to be agile and responsive – starting with SHANSAPP

ERP system

 Shansapp  allowing you to rapidly move from insight to action with built-in intelligent automation technologies.

What are analysts saying?

Deliver critical business capabilities

Benefit from key elements of intelligent ERP

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