Best ERP software in Dubai, UAE

In this digital world to stand out of the box and add value to your business, we need to implement something special always. Mr. Shasahib Shamsudheen, Founder of Danat group, developed an ERP Software application “SHANSAPP”. Throughout his 20 years entrepreneurship journey he faced many issues and raised many questions he is going to face in the future. One day, finally he decided to develop software to make his business more professional and systematic. Finally, he developed and implemented it in his own enterprise. He always wanted to share this value-added software to help others also and many business enterprises have purchased it and implemented it 100% successfully.

There are two types of software applications one for the employee and one application for the customer.

1. This application is user-friendly, easy, accurate, and reliable.

2. It helps to reduce the employees’ burden and confusion.

3. It keeps your customer’s contacts always even your salesperson is changed frequently. So u will not lose your customers.

4. Its auto auditing software means automatically it will show  you daily errors or mismatches in accounts if any wrong bill or amount is entered by employees with ignorance or unconsciously because it’s uploaded with images of Bills, invoices, and full details.

5. It will help to avoid false excuses of employees like drivers said that delivery is done but his tracking location shows his home location. so we can catch him immediately by vehicle and user location tracking facility inside this software.

6. It’s very useful for vehicle maintenance like if any drivers have filled petrol, crossed toll etc. same time automatically will update this software with bill images uploaded in the software same time.

7. Company and customer both can check the delivery process by tracking options to manage timely deliveries without any delay.

8. We can check employees live locations any time with this tracking option in the software.

9. In this software, employees &  customers can directly contact our call centre, message on WhatsApp or connect website links. They can upload their good and bad comments even customers complaints along with. in this software, employees can contact their extension number inside this software.

10. If there is any service collection or pickup order then easily driver location can be tracked by this application and the driver can click the pick-up option to upload timings

and other details. they can upload laptop images sane time to avoid any damage loss in future like if any scratch already on the laptop. It will not be claimed by the customer later on with a complaint of damage by our technician.

11. We can create a job sheet with full laptop details of the model, image and customer details which person picked up, given to which technician, how many days, problem in delay, delivery or return reasons everything we can mention in 1 job sheet by creating in this software to avoid many problems related to service. if any warranty item is there, we can easily type customer name and find full details to see starting and ending warranty period etc. to satisfy and manage our warranty customers.

12. In this software, we can create sales/service  etc. invoices by selecting options quickly and easily.

13. We can find customers from the contacts option in this software easily and fastly to check their last sales and full details. in case of new customers, we can add new customer contact same time in software.

14. We can change prices while making invoices and can lock minimum prices of each product to avoid sales below than fixed price.

15. We can find products of various categories by clicking the search option in this with even full rack details and available location & their compatible products  with their locations also in case of unavailability of the same model. We can add new products as well on this application day today.

16. Customers can search products with full details and can place orders same time. They can track their status of delivery also.

17. Salesperson while creating invoices in the mobile application if makes any error, he can edit  the quantity, price, and products also. It will show if the salesperson has created an invoice from a tab, mobile, or laptop and from office or home also.

18. In this application, we can scan the products’ barcodes  to find easily all details even availability in all branches of this product.

19. In this application if customers place orders, automatically they will get B2B prices because of this application B2B platform for all products.

20. Customers can get ideas of products of various models from our categories of products already mentioned inside it.

21. Customers can find alternatives or technicians can find alternative models for many items that may be a relief to a customer who is suffering to get a suitable product because of the unavailability of his product.

22. In this software, if customers make orders more than 1000aed, automatically they will get 5 percent discount from total.

23. This application is very easy to give training to all your new and existing employees on time to make your work accurate and fast. we can train them for the below areas of your work :

1. Products Management

2.  New products Management

3.  Price Management

4. Accounts Management

5. Cash and Credit Management

6.  Vehicle Management

7. Call centre Management

8. Cash flow or funds Management

9. Financial Management

10.  Inventory Management

11.  Purchase /sales Management

12. Service Management

13.  Project Management

14. Human resources Management

15.  International purchase /sales Management

16.  Inter branches transactions Management

17. Security /supervisors Management

18.  Asset Management

19. Minimum product qty Management

20.  New products Management

21.  Showroom regularity Management.

22. Fast, slow or dead moving stock Management

23. PRO work Management.

24.  Currency conversion Management.

25. Local purchase Management.

26. Daily profit and loss Management.

27. Daily expenses Management

28. Documentation Management

29. Import and export shipments Management.

30. Customers satisfaction Management.

31. Task Management

32. Daily meeting checklist Management

33. RMA stock Management

34. Attendance Management

35. Dismantling of used items Management etc.

24. This application is very easy to operate so without time-consuming training your new and existing employees can enhance their knowledge to make accurate work performance.

25. If your employees are going on a long vacation, even it can work properly and can  keep the records without any errors.

26. In this application, we can check our customer’s ratings, remarks, suggestions and complaints to make them satisfy more

27. You can check your growth/loss speed from your previous months.

28. Storekeepers can find easily the demanded products easily on which location of the branch, rack number, quantity are available by this application.

29. Customers can place their orders by getting products from the category option and can place them easily and quickly their orders.

30. This application will help to avoid your loss due to damage, delay and dishonesty of your employees in the service business especially. because here we have designed special options for pickup and service. no error can be left if follow these options properly.

31. Through this application, the customer can easily approach his favourite salesperson by connecting from the call centre with mention that salesperson number

so that the call centre will connect his call to the concerned salesperson to give more satisfaction to the customer.

32. It helps to arrange stock before going to be finished by maintaining minimum stock qty all the time by giving an alert if going to be finished.

33. If there is any non-moving stock is there, this application will give you an alert with quantity, how long the dead period, which branch, value amount etc. to initiative you to make offers timely and sell.

34. It helps to manage our credit with customers by giving alerts if it’s crossing the time limit if huge amount etc. to collect it quickly to escape from any loss.

35. You can find your customer’s new products enquiries daily to know about new demands and try to arrange new products accordingly new demands of customers on time.

36. It’s the overall and full-fledged software to solve all business enterprises daily issues.

37. In this application, we can easily update the returned items from customers due to any quality issues to avoid loss of your by making returns to your suppliers on time under the warranty period. we can add date, type, sales invoice number, returned product, customer details, quantity, amount, sales date, RMA type, reasons of return and case status with invoice image to maintain your RMA records accurately.

38. In this software, we can use the stock transaction  option to control and manage your stock movements from one to another branch of your company. in this application, we can upload with date, vendor, shipping number, salesperson name, invoice no., weight, ordered quantity, amount, image etc. It will help to get an accurate report from the branch to branch transfer with accurate qty remaining in giving branch automatically and excess qty adding in taking branch automatically to show the correct stock status.

39. In this software, we can use the cash collection  option to update our all daily cash and credit sales, expenses, .purchase, vendor payment, purchase return, service and service return, bank payment and bank receipts  and if cash or credit sales return is there, that also we can update here to know about daily cash collection even cash or credit with full invoice details uploaded by salesperson daily.

40. In this application, we can check each sales invoice profit and even each salesperson share of profit  in this invoice. The salesperson can easily find his daily profit share. We can use it to upload by date, sales type, invoice number, sales amount, branch, customer details, created by, created on, invoice image. Then automatically sales profit and salesperson’s profit share will appear.

41. In this software, employees can use the product purchase requisition option to place their customers order requests to your head purchase department by uploading date, requested by, branch name, product name, qty, image. We can use this application for internal branches pre-request for stock also. It will help them to get their products on time from head purchase department to satisfy their customers. It will give the initiative to head department to work on it to get quickly from the best supplier with best price and quality.

42. In this software, employees can directly find their suppliers contact details to send them their enquiries even to 1 or more suppliers for the same requirement to get the best price, quality and quick to satisfy customers. All suppliers will be given their individual username and password also to operate our software to deal with us for our requirements.

43. In this software, if employees are going for a vacation or long term leaves, they can assign their short term  and long term usage tools and company assets to new or authorised employees by using the asset tracking option. It will help to find accurate asset reports and manage company assets all the times of employees replacement etc.

44. In this software, employees can use dismantle option to maintain accurate records of spares that happened in the dismantling of any laptops etc. Then they can easily mention and upload here which parts we will use for sales and which parts for further usage we will keep in our company. It will manage to dismantle reports of spares.

45. In this software, if any LED signboard, CCTV  and server installation etc. project is there in the company, we can easily upload by assigning sight inspector duty  with details time, date, customer details, location etc. then next sight inspector technician also can upload the estimated quotation with adding overall expenses plus profit for this project to follow up it with the customer to finalise the project order for the company.

46. In this application, through the reuse order option, Used or RMA items can be managed easily. Here we will upload with purchase vendor bill attachments and make barcode stickers by clicking on the print option here to get print and fix on the used items so that easily any technician or storekeepers can find any used product details easily. Next step we can split the refurbished work into various technicians and assigning to them in software for diagnosis. Then technicians can update the diagnosis status and after refurbishment, they can hand it over to storekeepers to make a draft purchase by clicking on the push to purchase button here. So it will be added to our draft purchase.

47. In this software, we can easily give tasks with a time limit to any employees to follow it. We can check the status of their performance or progress daily. We can take the necessary action accordingly. If the time limit will finish  then we will get an alert to get proper or serious action for this negligence of any task from any employee.

48. In this software, we can check our supervisors and security reports of their daily duties with live updates of the status of everything happening inside all branches in all activities like daily sales report, daily employees in out from official reports, shipping notice and service collection daily.

49. In this software, we can use the transfer request option to upload requests by clicking inventory, operations, pre-transfer, creating requests where to which branch with products details and saving. Then it will be seen by the front office person to assign available drivers at that time by clicking on assigning option with driver name, invoice details and drivers will upload with their signatures to follow it for execution. It will be very easy for your stock movements management.

50. In this software, we can manage our spares used by our technicians  with tracking option updated by the handover technician and right now in which hand of the technician. we can manage our tools and spares like this to avoid any loss and misplacement.

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