Shan ERP business solution

An ERP Business solution to make the road of business smooth and professional. ERP solution made more powerful and systematic with auto- auditing and E-filing system. It includes direct calling and WhatsApp messaging. We have developed this as answer to some of the future questions. It covers all the areas like sales, purchase, transportation, assets management, company daily profit/ loss statement, live location of employees and vehicles of company etc. It is user friendly and suitable for all kinds of business. This software have two interface- one for employees and one for customer. This application is
e-friendly, easy, accurate and reliable. It helps to reduce employee burden and confusions. Another feature is that we can track the location of our employee

Shan’s Customer APP

We value our customer time, hence we developed a system for the customer to order products directly in no time. Complaint registration is made easy. Also can directly enquire about products and a room for service book is available. Customer can easily access the wide range of products that are available at our store. Through this software customer can directly contact to our call centre , WhatsApp and access our website links. The can leave their review on this platform as well as register complaints. Through this  software customer can directly contact using their extension number inside this software. Also customers can find products of various categories by clicking search option in this. Customer can get ideas of various models of products already mentioned inside it. Customer can easily find alternative product. In addition to this customers ordering products of above a particular (say above 1000 AED), they get five percent total discount.

Shan’s Employee App

Its the best part of our Application. A newly joined sales Executive can start selling products without any previous – training. The products are stacked and managed in a very professional way. Through this software an employee can access the products quantity available at the warehouse, in which rack it is stacked. Also can track in which section and row it is stacked. Also if we have multiple branches, we can retrieve the product quantity list from other branches. Also the price range of each product is available, so he can easily decide the selling price without any complications or time delay. Employee can easily find the alternative of any particular brand through this application. We can track the sales person location through this application. In this software, we can create sales/service  etc. invoice by selecting options quickly and easily. this application is very easy to give training to all your new and existing employees timely to make your work accurate and fast.we can train them for below areas of your work :

Accounting and Auditing

We can record the cash collection and asset management through this software. Also can do documentation and E-filing option is included. Another consideration is the asset management of the technicians. We can give he authorization of the tools to the technicians who require it, with their signature. So the tools are not misplaced or lost.